Material Maintenance

Simple care methods can support the longevity of the "Uppeal"

Care should be taken to exclude chemicals (such as glycerin, bleach, or detergent) as much as possible during maintenance.

Use care products that are made from natural ingredients (such as coconut oils, almond oils, shea butter, wax, or similar) if the material becomes too dry.

Once the products come into contact with dirt, they can be easily cleaned with some water.

Uppeal is water-repellent and tolerates rain and other liquids very well. If it gets wet, it can simply be wiped dry with a cloth.

We recommend the following cleaning products

Joveg / LindGrow Leather & Saddle Soap

The cleaning product from Joveg (LindGrow) is the ideal choice for caring for your plant-based leather Uppeal (AppleSkin). It not only provides gentle and thorough cleaning but also deep nourishment through the use of selected plant oils. Developed exclusively with plant-based ingredients, this product embodies the purity and naturalness that Joveg stands for. Additionally, you save valuable time with this care method as re-greasing of the material becomes unnecessary. Made in Germany, great emphasis is placed on quality and sustainability – that’s why Joveg’s product is handmade and available in plastic-free packaging.

About LindGrow

LindGrow values natural and environmentally friendly products. The produced natural soaps are made entirely from natural ingredients without the use of petroleum, silicones, microplastics, palm oil, or animal products. These soaps are plant-based (vegan), and plastic is consistently avoided in the packaging. The saddle soap is delivered in a metal tin, while paper and cardboard are used for packaging and padding.