We guarantee environmentally friendly products through sustainable material sourcing

Uppeal™ (AppleSkin)

Sustainable Innovation Starts Here

Our journey to sustainability begins in the picturesque orchards of South Tyrol, Italy, where apples are grown primarily for the food industry. Traditionally, the remnants of these apples—cores and peels—were discarded as waste, destined for landfills. Recognizing the potential for a positive environmental impact, we sought a better solution.

Through a groundbreaking process, these apple remnants are now transformed. They are first dried and then ground into a fine powder. In Italy, this apple powder is ingeniously combined with 100% organic industrial by-products to create a revolutionary material.

Eco-Friendly Material for a Greener Future

Our innovative material is not only plant-based but also robust, waterproof, and a superb substitute for traditional and synthetic leathers. Each kilogram of apple pomace used replaces polyurethane leather (PU), reducing CO2 emissions by 5.28 kg. Furthermore, our process decreases water consumption by 70% compared to traditional leather manufacturing.

Embrace a future where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. Join us in reducing environmental impact one product at a time.

Packaging Bags

Did You Know?

Every year, approximately 5 trillion disposable plastic bags are carelessly discarded, posing a serious threat to our environment.

At Equinetree, we are committed to a solution that not only reduces waste but also benefits the Earth. Our cotton bags are not just biodegradable; they can also become organic compost under the right conditions! This makes them a superior alternative to disposable plastic.

We are dedicated to responsible packaging. By choosing our products, you join us in the fight against unnecessary waste, helping to alleviate environmental burden. Moreover, the organic cotton used for our bags is sourced exclusively from GOTS-certified suppliers, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of sustainable and ethical production.

Together, we can make a significant difference.

Price Tags

Plant a Future with Every Purchase

At Equinetree, we believe that every small step towards sustainability counts. That’s why we’ve transformed our price tags into something truly special—they don’t just mark the cost of our products, they carry the potential for new life.

Each of our product tags is crafted from plantable seed paper. When you finish shopping, these tags can be planted in soil. With a little water and care, they sprout into trees, contributing to reforestation and biodiversity. It’s not just a purchase—it’s an investment in our planet.

Our innovative plantable price tags are part of our commitment to not only minimize impact but also to actively improve our environment. By choosing EQUINETREE, you’re not just buying a product; you’re planting the seeds for a greener tomorrow.

Join us in our mission to turn the tide against deforestation and help us plant a forest, one product at a time.