The Sustainable Development Goals are our inspiration when selecting producers

Leather Substitute Uppeal™

Innovative Craftsmanship Meets Sustainable Practices

Our journey of sustainability and innovation begins in the landscapes of South Tyrol, Italy, where the raw materials for our plant-based leather substitute, Uppeal, are harvested. This journey continues in a state-of-the-art facility in Tuscany, where tradition meets modern technology.

Since 1978, our dedicated manufacturer has specialized in the production of high-quality artificial leather. Today, they leverage the latest technological advancements to transform these raw materials into Uppeal, a cutting-edge, eco-friendly leather alternative.

Committed to Renewable Energy

Our Tuscan facility operates entirely on 100% renewable energy, certified under the “CERTIFICATO Fonte di Energia Rinnovabile”. This commitment ensures that every step of our production process not only minimizes environmental impact but also supports sustainable energy initiatives.

By choosing our products, you support a cycle of continuous innovation and environmental stewardship. Experience the fusion of expert craftsmanship and sustainable practices with EQUINETREE, where every product tells a story of quality and care for the planet.

Ethical Horseware Production

At Equinetree, our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our production. Our final horseware products are crafted in India at a manufactory with decades of expertise in equestrian equipment.

Certified Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

This facility proudly holds the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. These standards affirm our manufacturer’s dedication to robust corporate and environmental management systems, ensuring sustainable operations. Through these practices, we significantly reduce resource use, comply with environmental legal obligations, and minimize our ecological footprint.

A Fair and Safe Workplace

We take great pride in maintaining a workplace that values and protects its employees. Our workers are compensated fairly, enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, and operate in an environment where child labor is strictly prohibited.

By choosing EQUINETREE, you support a brand that prioritizes both the quality of its products and the ethics of its production process. Together, we’re setting standards for responsibility in the equestrian industry.

Organic Cotton Packaging

Empowering Women with Every Purchase

At Equinetree, our products do more than meet high standards of quality—they also foster positive social change. We are proud to support socially disadvantaged women in India by partnering with a local NGO to produce our handmade fabric bags.

Tailored Work Environment

Understanding the challenges these women face, we ensure that their work schedule accommodates their family responsibilities. The working day begins at 10 AM, allowing time for them to take their children to school, and ends at 5 PM so they can be there to pick them up. A lunch break in the middle of the day provides further balance between work and personal life.

Commitment to Well-Being and Education

We go beyond providing employment by offering health checks and regular seminars on women’s and labor rights. Additionally, we facilitate English language courses, empowering our workers with valuable skills that extend beyond the workplace.

By choosing Equinetree, you contribute to a cycle of empowerment that supports these incredible women, helping them to secure a better future for themselves and their families.