We live modern & sustainable innovation for equestrians

About Equinetree

At Equinetree, we are pioneers in modern and sustainable innovation for equestrians. Our mission is to revolutionize the equestrian world by being potentially the first exclusive brand to offer elegant, plant-based horseware products designed for every rider. We are dedicated to merging style with environmental responsibility.

Our Ethical Production

Central to our product line are our harnesses, expertly crafted using Uppeal — a cutting-edge, sustainable leather substitute derived from the byproducts of the apple juice industry through a biological upcycling process. This innovative material rivals traditional leather and emphasizes our commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

A Brand Built on Responsibility and Innovation

Equinetree stands for responsibility, innovation, and the seamless integration of high-quality design, functionality, and style, all while prioritizing the environment. Our production partners hold at least ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications, pushing beyond basic compliance to set new benchmarks in sustainable manufacturing.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every small step can make a significant impact, inspiring and educating our community about the importance of sustainability. This ethos is not just a practice—it’s a lifestyle that reflects our passion for equestrian sports, our love for animals, and our respect for nature. Our goal is to preserve this vitality for future generations.

Together for a Sustainable Future

Join us as we ride hand in hand with nature — for both man and horse. Equinetree is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards a sustainable future in the equestrian world.

About the Founder

From a tender age, Patrizia Vassalli has shared a profound connection with horses. Her early fascination turned into a lifelong passion, shaping her initial career path. After completing her education, Patrizia worked with horses on various farms across Switzerland and North America, transforming her hobby into a professional endeavor.

Seeking to broaden her horizons, Patrizia pursued further education. She earned a diploma in fashion design and undertook several extra-occupational commercial training courses. Her career subsequently diversified into roles within PR, event and advertising agencies, and she gained significant experience in marketing and logistics at a Swiss startup, as well as in the marketing and sales department of an engineering firm.

Driven to deepen her business acumen, she embarked on studies in business administration and gained experience working for a Swiss bank. It was during her academic journey, specifically while preparing her thesis on “Founding a Start-Up,” that she discovered the material Uppeal™ (AppleSkin). This discovery sparked the innovative business model and vision for Equinetree, turning theory into reality.

After two years of studies, planning, and testing with prototypes, Patrizia embarked on an exciting new chapter in 2022, establishing Equinetree and dedicating herself to merging her passions for equestrianism and sustainable innovation.

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