Reins Rubberized with Bars

CHF 121 incl. VAT

Introducing our plant-based reins, reshaping your riding experience with cutting-edge design and unparalleled functionality. Engineered with a rubber underlay supported by bars, these reins deliver unmatched slip-proof performance, ensuring unwavering control with every ride.

Crafted from durable yet comfortable Uppeal (AppleSkin) material, these reins are a haven for sensitive hands, offering a secure grip and enduring comfort, even during extended rides. Featuring a bridle hook buckle, they add an extra layer of security, ensuring they remain firmly in place on your bridle at all times.

Designed with stainless steel buckles, these reins not only guarantee durability but also prioritize safety by being free of harmful substances. Elevate your riding prowess with the assurance and dependability of our Mela reins.

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