Saddlegirth Soft Embrace

CHF 186 incl. VAT

Introducing the Soft Embrace Saddle Girth, where comfort meets function in three

distinct sizes (145, 135, 125) to accommodate your horse’s unique physique. This girth is

thoughtfully crafted with the innovative Uppeal™ material, prized for its exceptionally soft

feel that caters to the delicate skin of horses. Uppeal™ is not only gentle but also simple

to maintain, ensuring lasting hygiene and ease of use.

For added safety, the Soft Embrace features a covered carabiner, offering extra protection

during your rides. Additionally, convenient D-rings on the sides allow for the attachment

of training aids and accessories. This saddle girth combines the hypoallergenic benefits of

Uppeal™ with practical design elements, making it a top choice for discerning equestrians

who seek the ultimate blend of luxury, care, and practicality.

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